Wi-Fi 6E, What is WiFi 6E ?

wifi 6e
WiFi 6E

The use of Wi-Fi has increased in the last 18 months. Due to Corona virus, as a result, "Work from Home" has increased the need for this WiFi internet. In this technique, sometimes the speed of Wi-Fi becomes slow and sometimes it stops completely. In the midst of all this is a new technology which is being said to be the solution to the problem of WiFi, which is named 6E standard of WiFi. It is being said that in a few months this technology is going to become a reality.

What is WiFi 6E Standard and its benefits?

Let me tell you everything. Before this, let us first know what was the old system of WiFi. In the beginning of the Internet, lines had to be drawn from door to door like the telephone. A wire from that line had to be connected to your computer or laptop, this was the old system of the Internet. After this came WiFi means wireless internet facility. In this technique, a line of internet comes till the gate of the house and gets placed in a box. From that compartment there was a facility to connect laptops, desktops or other devices via radio wave, this made the task a lot easier. Now there was no need for everyone to work together with the help of a single wire, which could sit and work wherever they wanted, but one problem remained, that was the speed, the speed was less in this technology of WiFi.

The 5 GHz that came in this technology made people's problems easier. But due to the addition of more devices even at 5 GHz, the speed of the internet starts decreasing in this too. In such a situation, the bandwidth of Wi-Fi had to be widened somewhat, just like a highway. If there is more traffic on the highway, then increase the width of the highway. Now an attempt is being made to introduce the frequency of 6 GHz. This means that the new Wi-Fi technology will provide more speed and the facility to connect more devices. To do this, Wi Fi 6E technology is being brought.

Now let's take a look at how much difference wifi 6E will make on the speed?

You can take any plan, but whenever you use WiFi via 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, you get a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps. Meaning, it is not even available in some areas of India, but the international standards are somewhat similar. The speed in the new technology WiFi 6E means that in 1 second, about 10 GB can be downloaded. It can be understood that the speed of 10 to 15 Mbps is enough to run a 55 inch Smart TV. Here WiFi 6E can work very smoothly. Meaning there is no problem with WiFi 6E technology.

While using the internet on this technology, you will get excellent speech as well as consistent speed. This means neither the buffering wheel will spin on your device, nor will you have to wait for any content to download.

What to do for WiFi 6E?

To use it, you have to replace the old router installed at home. New routers running at 6 GHz speed will come in the market soon. These will be written on the interoperability of WiFi Certified Six World Wide WiFi 6E. It is believed that. In the upcoming Android and Apple smartphones next year, these companies will update this feature by 2022.

Now the question also arises that how do we know that WiFi 6E is getting the benefit. In no time you will start seeing such devices in the market. Whose compartment will have WiFi 6E written on it. This would mean that this device is made for high speed WiFi speed, these devices will be able to connect to the old WiFi technology. But right now you can use WiFi on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz on your devices from the router installed at home, but for 6 GHz you have to get a new router. Soon routers will start being sold in the market. Another question is what will be the benefit and will the cost increase. The report states that when WiFi 6E comes to standard router, it will give you three options to connect before connecting you 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz.

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