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papillon 2017
Papillon 2017 Movie

Papillon Based on a True Story-

Henri Charriere (16 November 1906 – 29 July 1973) was a French writer who was convicted as a murderer by French courts in 1931 and pardoned in 1970. While Charriere's claim that Papillon was largely true, modern researchers believe that much of the book's material came from other prisoners, not Charriere himself. He wrote the novel Papillon, a memoir of his captivity and escape from a penal colony in French Guiana. Charriere denied committing the murder, although he freely admitted to having committed several other petty crimes before his captivity.

Papillon 2017 Movie-

Papillon is a 2017 biographical drama movie directed. It is a true story. It tells the story of French criminal Henri Charriere (Charlie Hunnam), nicknamed Papillon, who is imprisoned in the infamous Devil's Island penal colony in 1933 and abscond in 1941 with the help of another criminal, the imitator Louis Dega (Rami Malek).The film's screenplay is based on Charrier's autobiographies Papillon and Banquo, as well as an earlier 1973 film adaptation, written by Dalton Trumbo and Lorenzo Semple Jr. and starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. Papillon premiered in the Special Presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2017.

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Some key details of Papillon 2017-

About Movie
Directed by Michael Noer
Produce by Joey McFarland, David Koplan, Ram Bergman, Roger Corbi
Based on a Papillon's true story
Countries Malta, Montenegro, Serbia, United States
Release date September 9, 2017 (TIFF),
August 24, 2018 (United States)
Languagee English, French
Running time 133 minutes
Box office $10 million

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