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Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland: A Mind-Bending Adventure Through a Dystopian Wonderland.

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be transported to a parallel universe where survival is the only objective? This is exactly what happens to the main characters in the Japanese manga and anime series "Alice in Borderland." The story follows a group of friends who find themselves in an alternate version of Tokyo, known as "Borderland," where they are forced to participate in deadly games in order to stay alive.


The story begins with high school student Arisu and his friends, Karube and Chota, who are bored with their mundane lives. One day, while they are hanging out in the city, they are suddenly transported to Borderland, a parallel universe where they are forced to participate in deadly games in order to survive. Arisu, Karube, and Chota quickly discover that they are not the only ones in Borderland, as they meet other players who are also trying to survive the games.

As the story progresses, the group must navigate through a variety of dangerous and challenging games, each with their own unique set of rules and objectives. The players must use their wits and skills to outsmart the game masters and avoid being eliminated. Along the way, they also uncover the truth behind the mysterious organization that is behind the games and the reason why they were brought to Borderland.


"Alice in Borderland" explores themes of survival, friendship, and the human condition. The story delves into the characters' emotional and psychological struggles as they adapt to their new surroundings and try to survive the deadly games. It also touches on the idea of the blurred line between reality and fantasy, as the characters must question whether their experiences in Borderland are real or just a dream.

Cast or Staring-

Kento Yamazaki as Arisu-

Kento Yamazaki as Arisu

Kento Yamazaki plays the role of Arisu, the main protagonist of the series. Kento Yamazaki is a well-known voice actor in Japan, having lent his voice to many popular anime and video game characters. In "Alice in Borderland," Kento Yamazaki portrays Arisu as a high school student who finds himself transported to an alternate universe where he must participate in deadly games to survive. Kento Yamazaki's performance brings depth and nuance to the character, as he portrays Arisu's emotional and psychological struggles as he adapts to his new surroundings.

Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi-

Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi

Yuzuha Usagi is a character in the anime "Alice in Borderland". She is one of the main characters and plays a significant role in the story. Yuzuha Usagi is depicted as a strong, independent, and resourceful young woman who is capable of adapting to difficult situations. She is also shown to be caring and supportive of those around her, which makes her a beloved character among fans of the show.

Overall, Yuzuha Usagi is an important character in "Alice in Borderland" and Kana Hanazawa's performance as the character has been a key factor in the show's success.

Tôru Nara as Chôta-

Tôru Nara plays the role of Chôta, one of Arisu's friends who is transported to Borderland with him. Nara is a well-established actor in Japan, known for his roles in both film and television. In "Alice in Borderland," Nara brings a comedic element to the show with his portrayal of the bumbling and often clueless Chôta. Despite his goofiness, Nara also imbues Chôta with a sense of loyalty and bravery that makes him a valuable member of the group.

Tomoaki Maeno as Karube

Tomoaki Maeno plays the role of Karube, the third member of Arisu's group who is transported to Borderland. Maeno is a voice actor and singer who has lent his voice to many anime and video game characters. In "Alice in Borderland," Maeno brings a sense of intelligence and resourcefulness to the character of Karube, as he is often the one who comes up with strategies to help the group survive the games.


"Alice in Borderland" is a thrilling and mind-bending adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its unique premise, well-developed characters, and intense action, it is a must-watch for fans of dystopian and science fiction stories. With its combination of action, drama and strategy, it is the perfect show to watch if you want to be on the edge of your seat and want to be kept guessing till the end.

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